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Buyer: Pest Control Company

Product: Business Card Magnet

Objective: To increase company visibility, promote their services and stimulate their client base at a local trade show

Product Solution: A pest control company wanted to send out brochures to potential clients as well as to inform existing clients of new services they now offer. They believed that an upcoming trade show would bring in new prospects and wanted a refrigerator magnet in business card size to hand out to attendees. The magnet was attached to their brochure by glue dot and mailed out to both prospect and existing clients after the trade show ended. Their thought was to have contact information accessible in a convenient location.... the refrigerator.

Client Results: Their client base increased by 25% and their referral rate more than doubled once the collateral reached their target audience. The client returned to discuss new ways to market to their prospects by using other useful products to introduce their services to a new target market.

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