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Buyer: Commercial & Residential Pool Service Company

Product: Themed Appreciation Gift - Halloween

Objective: To show client appreciation for referrals and business throughout the year

Product Solution: The company created their very own holiday celebration rather than using the standard Christmas gift giving process. Each year they showed their appreciation for their top clients who renewed their service agreements and referred business to them by choosing a themed gift. We helped them create a Halloween gift design by adding color schemes, specific themed food products and a custom message inside each gift. This has been a tradition that began several years ago. Our goal is to create a new design each year. A token gift component is added each year so they have a Halloween keepsake.

Client Results: Their clients not only appreciate the thought but look forward to seeing what token gift will be inside their treat each year. We have received numerous compliments on the gift designs we have provided as well as the unique token gifts we add each year. Their clients love the custom messages we add to the fortune cookies in their gift every year.

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