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Buyer: Commercial Builder

Product: Custom Thanksgiving gifts with keepsake enhancements and Seeded Notecards

Objective: Client wanted to show send out gifts to show appreciation for client loyalty but chose a different occasion than the usual Christmas Season

Product Solution: After choosing a special occasion for their gifting program, we customized each of their clients' gifts to reflect their individual interests and personalities. Nascar, Cooking and Pet themed gifts were then created and delivered to the client office so they could personally deliver each gift to its perspective owner. We used some of our client's marketing pieces inside of each gift to make it truly a custom gift.

The seeded notecards we designed for our client reflected the festive holiday they chose for their client celebration. We designed Horn of Plenty artwork and added planting instructions on one side of the card. The purpose for this card was to tear off one half of the card - keeping part to read and planting the other part of the card in dirt to watch flowers grow from the seeded paper.

Client Results: This project was so well received that both partners of the company personally thanked my point of contact at the company. Not only was the notecard a success but the personalized gifts were well received by each gift recipient.

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